Logilys is a computer firm that has developed 4 specialized management software products. We are the designers and distributors of these ever-growing solutions.
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Our Commitment Policy of Confidentiality

We, at LOGILYS, are professional and we are concerned about keeping confidential any information provided to us by our clients (or prospects).

In this respect, LOGILYS is committed to not disclosing any of the private information conveyed to us by our clients (or prospects), with a confidentiality commitment concerning their activities or internal affairs. This is unless clients (or prospects) have expressed their consent in writing or in cases of exception where the laws are applicable.

Any data transmission coming from clients (or prospects), either for an analysis of the feasibility with regards to the data conversion toward a software by LOGILYS, or to forward information to one of LOGILYS software, or to allow LOGILYS to provide technical support to its clients concerning a software, always remains confidential and the data will be used by LOGILYS only for these reasons.

Any personal information or name lists that could be made accessible to LOGILYS by its clients (or prospects), for the purposes mentioned earlier, will be treated confidentially in accordance with the measures applicable by any legislation regulating the protection of personal information. The clients (or prospects) will indeed be responsible for obtaining the necessary preconditioned authorizations, as the case may be, by the people concerned by the transmission of personal information or name lists to LOGILYS.

Will not be considered confidential, any information i) that is publicly accessible, ii) data that LOGILYS had prior to being disclosed by the clients (or prospects), or iii) any information disclosed bona fide by a person other than our clients (or prospects), their executives or authorized representatives.

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