About us

Efficient and Easy-to-use Software

We are designers of software solutions. Our mission is to design smart, efficient applications that make life easier for
an organisation’s users.

In order for an organisation to be efficient and effective, it needs information management systems that insure the
reliability of business processes and that simplify current operations.Improving our customers’ lives is our passion.

We help organizations go further.

The team at Logilys is dedicated to overcoming operational challenges and improving management processes.

That is what motivates us.


Logilys’ Team is Dynamic and Versatile

Our team comprises highly qualified people:

  • Analysts and programmers
  • Sales consultants
  • Integrators, trainers and technical support

In addition to being well versed in their jobs, our personnel got to know yours! 

All the members of our team are highly qualified in their domains in order to best understand and answer your questions

Working methods

All of our Involvements are carried out with Creativity and Assiduity

We favour a consultative approach, working closely with future users of our application programs. Our active listening and our understanding of the problems allow us to develop perfectly adapted solutions.