Logilys ensures that the installation of its appplications is consistent with the software already in place in your organization. Our team sees to the configuration and the good working order of its products in your environment.

Many organizations already have a software to manage their activities. Logilys offers a service to transfer your original data to the software of your choice. The transfer’s evaluation is free and 100% guaranteed.

Your satisfaction: our priority!

At Logilys, an annual service contract (ASC) includes:

  • technical support
  • access to all new versions
  • input on software development

Our software evolve thanks to the demands and comments from the users. They are the ones that allow us to share new and always more performing versions.

Our objective being to quickly respond to all our clients' support requests, we have established the “Online Support Centre”. Requests are treated within a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the degree of urgency and the ridership.

Our clients can consult their request for technical support at any time to visualize their ranking in the list. They can even see the names of the members of the technical support team who are at the very moment responding to a preceding request.

An easy and fast service to use!

From the « Help » menu of all Logilys software, clock on « Support request » or go directly online at

With the Email Blast Service, you can create your newsletters, event announcements, monthly eBulletins and personalized communications for broad audiences.

Use your software to target the people you wish to reach and the Email Blast service to compose your message to reflect your image. Insert hyperlinks and graphics to represent your organization and schedule the date and time of your mailing.

Our Email Blast Service allows you to communicate effectively, in a personalized manner, and grow sustainable relationships.

For more information on this service, click here.

Your data are the key element at the core of your activities; they deserve a complete, secure and reliable protection. This is why Logilys offers you its ”turn-key” online backup service.

For more information on this service, click here.

When you purchase a software, a training session is necessary. Your trainer will be with you every step to configure your system with you according to your needs.

This session includes the implementation and the necessary training for a good use of the software.

A maximum of two persons is recommended. Usually, the two persons who received the training, will give the information to the others according to their tasks and responsibilities.

Logilys offers you training products that adapt to your needs and organization.

Our professional trainers are available to provide you with quality training and guide you towards a efficient use of your software.
The packages are designed to cover the most frequent topics. You can also create your own training by choosing the "à la carte" options that meet your expectations.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.